Total Quality Control

Our goal is to assure high quality production of parts that will be going into some of the finest automobiles in the world today. These vehicles are being made by automotive manufacturers who are known for their commitment to quality. It is our desire that BPT will be included in this elite group of companies committed to such excellence by following our Quality Policy Statement.


In many of today's manufacturers, Quality Control is a department that is frequently called, to see if the products are being made properly. Usually it consists of a group of people whose only job is to check the final product on a random basis.


Our control of quality does not come from one department. Instead it is a combined effort by each department to develop, engineer, manufacture and inspect quality products which will allow for full customer satisfaction. This rare approach to quality is the system that we have determined to be best. It's called Total Quality Control.


Total Quality is what BPT is all about. Our parent Company, Kaneta Kogyo Co., Ltd., located in Hamamatsu, Japan, has been a successful parts manufacturer for many years. Fortunately, they have brought their talent, experience and unique technology to America to create BPT. We will strive to become our customers' No. 1 parts supplier.

Quality Policy Statement

We are committed to providing the highest quality parts to our customers by:

  • Consistently meeting our customers’ expectations for product quality and performance.
  • Timely delivery of products to meet our customers’ requirements.
  • Continuously improving our processes and equipment.
  • Ensuring our associates are properly trained as a team to better serve our customers.

Quality Objectives:

BPT will improve quality performance through systematic planning of:

  • New model products,
  • Continual improvement projects, and
  • Nonconformance countermeasures.

We are committed to delivering zero-defect parts to our customers.


We will strive to eliminate internal rejections.


We will assure customer satisfaction through good feedback on customer performance reports.


BPT is committed to ensuring no supplier trouble through planned quality verifications.