Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is an obligation of BPT’s corporate citizenship. It is BPT’s policy to comply with all environmental laws, go beyond legal requirements where appropriate and seek ways to minimize negative environmental impact.

Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of Bucyrus Precision Tech, Inc. to provide its Associates with a workplace safe from identifiable occupational hazards and to preserve the natural environment.


BPT will perform operations in a manner that, to the best of our ability, accomplishes the following:

  • Protection of employee health and safety;
  • Protection of the environment and;
  • Abides by all pertinent laws, regulations and internal standards.

We will strive to eliminate environmental and safety risks that can impact our Associates and the community.


We are committed to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.


Teamwork is the foundation for success at BPT. “Working together creates an unexplainable multiplication of effort.”


BPT’s commitment to improvement in all environmental aspects applies directly to the job responsibilities of each Associate, however, our accountability for making significant yearly advancements in our environmental performance rests with our management team and results from its ability to provide environmental leadership.


Together we can attain safety and environmental compliance and create a symbiotic relationship between the natural environment and the industrial environment.