Best Printer For Burlap

Whether it’s a unique wedding gift or a unique addition to your list of DIY crafts, Burlap always adds a special touch to anything.

Also called the Hessian fabric in some parts of the word, the burlap material comes with an amazing aesthetic vibe and country chic; there’s just this thing about it that can’t be expressed in words but makes anything and everything special.

Since there aren’t specialized printers just for printing on the burlap material, it can be a daunting task to choose the correct printer that will serve your purpose.

Well, worry not! Today, we take a look through the diverse world of printers, scraping through all of those that may fit our requirements, only to bring you the best printer for Burlap.

Comparison Chart Of Top Best Printer For Burlap

Product NameKey Features
HP DeskJet 4155e All-in-One Printer  Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
Paper Size: 8.5″ X14″
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HP Smart App
Ink-saving Offers: HP+, HP Instant Ink
Canon® PIXMA™ G3260 All-in-One Printer  Paper Size: 8.5″ X47.2″
Speed: 6ppm (color)
Ink Bottle Yield: 7,700 color pages
Rear Tray: Yes
Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Printer  Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
Resolution: 5760X1440 DPI
Ink Bottle Yield: 6,000 color pages
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Memory Card
HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer  Resolution: 600X1200 DPI
Speed: 11ppm (color)
Ink-saving Offers: HP Instant Ink
Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirPrint, Mopria
Brother MFC-J6545DW All-in-One Printer  Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
Paper Size: 11″ X17″
Speed: 20ppm (color)
Rear Tray: Yes

Printer For Burlap Buying Guide

Choosing a printer for Burlap can be very subjective, depending on the kind of burlap printing you want the printer for. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the few important printer attributes you should look into.

Burlap Adaptability

First and foremost, you must make sure the chosen printer is capable of printing on Burlap.

Burlap is a heavy paper, much thicker than plain paper. Therefore, trying to print on Burlap with just any printer will rather cause unnecessary paper jams and damage the printer.

Printers that are compatible with heavy cardstock can comfortably print on Burlap. There are some printers, like the HP 6978, which can print on media up-to 28lbs. bond weight, comprises of the lighter variations of Burlap.

Paper Dimensions

Ask yourself the question: “What sizes of burlap will I be printing on?”

Different printers can support printing up to different sizes. For example, some support only A4 sizes, some printers like the HP 4155e can print on 8.5″ X14″ media, and then there are ones, such as Brother MFC-J6545DW, which can go till 11″ X17″ sizes!

If you are only printing on smaller burlap media, you can opt for those types of printers, but 8.5″ X14″ is one of the more balanced choices.

Specialty Media Tray

A specialty media tray is generally designed for any kind of paper except for plain paper.

It’s also known as a rear tray; it’s a huge time-saver and efficiency booster to have one of these trays in the printer.

You can configure the tray in a certain manner for the burlap sheets and place them there for long periods of time without having to replace or reconfigure.

The rear trays are also designed a bit differently to suit thicker and larger paper than the front tray, whose construction is mainly focused on plain paper.

Ink Saving Features

Since printing ink isn’t really manufactured for printing on surfaces like Burlap’s, the ink usage can be too much and vary a lot.

It’s safer and smarter to go for printers that can cut down on your ink expenses or, at least, reduce your ink expenses.

Some printers’ manufacturers provide various offers that will save you loads of money on ink, whereas others come with astounding features that reduce expense on ink.

Printers like the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 work with ink bottles rather than ink cartridges; not only do the ink bottles last an extremely larger amount of time than cartridges, they also deliver amazing quality! So you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

HP printers also come with numerous offers from HP themselves, which are actually very cost-effective in the long run and save you a lot of trouble.

5 Best Printer for Burlap Reviews

1. HP DeskJet 4155e All-in-One Printer

We start off with an amazing addition to the DeskJet model printers by HP, the 4155e!

This multifunctional printer looks elegant in white and has a compartmentalized structure. It’s not exactly compact, but it won’t take up too much space on your desk.

The printer is quite simple to install on the computer and doesn’t involve many complex steps. The HP Smart app makes it all the more straightforward.

This app takes this HP device very high up the list. Whatever you want to print on your Burlap, you can directly send commands to the printer from the smart app.

The smart app also lets you directly scan, allowing you to edit and share your burlap artwork.

The 4155e gives a great range of sizes for printing dimensions. So whether you want to print on 4″ X 6″ burlap media or an 8.5″ X 14″ one, you won’t have to face any paper jams or improper prints.

You will also receive efficient printing service at good speeds of around 3-4 color-printed burlap in a minute!

If you’re looking to get colorful prints in your Burlap for a lower cost, this inkjet printer by HP may be a perfect solution for you.

First of all, HP will provide you the ink with the product, and a subscription to HP+ will open you to a whole new world of benefits.

HP will provide you with one of the most cost-effective customer services out there, starting from lower ink costs to ink delivered at your door before you even run out of it.


  • Various features of the HP smart app make printing on Burlap simpler and better
  • Huge range of sizes to print on
  • Can function as a scanner aside from the printing services
  • Subscription to HP+ reduces ink costs and makes ink management more convenient


  • Works only for original HP ink cartridges, which may be costlier than third-party ones

2. Canon® PIXMA™ G3260 All-in-One Printer

Canon has seldom disappointed when it comes to printers, and the G3260 is not any different!

Similar to the HP 4155e, this PIXMA model printer also comes with additional functions. Apart from scanning, you can copy the styles or designs on your Burlap and make further copies for multiple uses.

The G3260 has a black, sturdy body with a small LCD screen on the left. You can navigate it using the buttons below. However, there’s no backlight present on the screen, and it can be straining to read the screen in less bright surroundings.

The Canon G3260 printers will keep you worry-free about your ink running out, working with ink bottles rather than cartridges.

Canon claims that the ink bottles can easily print around 6,000 color pages at ease. So even if you print on Burlap regularly, it’ll still be a long period of time before you have to make any ink replacements.

If you’re looking to print quotes on your Burlap and maybe frame it, this Canon color printer will do an amazing job for you.

The black color on the texts is from pigment-based ink rather than dye-based ink, which is the case for the other colors.

The pigment-based black color not only comes with resistance to dust and water, your quotes or any writing will look sharper and of crisp quality.

One more thing that attracted us about this Canon printer for burlap printing is the rear tray option. Printing can be made so much more trouble-free with this simple feature.

You can set your burlap sheets in the required manner in the rear tray and keep it that way. You won’t have to constantly reset your paper settings or tray before you start printing, saving you ample amounts of time.


  • Ink bottles can deliver around 6,000 color prints
  • Pigment-based black ink has longer durability and sharp quality
  • The rear tray can be customized for Burlap, making printing smoother and quicker
  • Can make multiple copies and act as a copier


  • The LCD screen is difficult to use, especially with the absence of a backlight

3. Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Printer

The Epson ET-2760 can be another amazing printer to boost your burlap-printing experience.

The printer has a classy design, with a very small structure for an all-in-one printer.

Unlike the Canon G3260, this Epson machine comes with a much more functional LCD screen with a colorful backlight.

The buttons are soft to the press, but typing in large texts like passwords can be an ordeal.

The ET-2760 works with ink bottles as well. These bottles are engineered impressively to make refilling as easy as pie! You also don’t risk any spilling or smearing, which is common with ink replacement.

We loved this inkjet printer for printing on Burlap because of the superb print quality.

It’s integrated with MicroPiezo technology, ensuring your texts and graphical illustrations on the Burlap are as detailed and precise as possible.

Another essential feature is its compatibility with a great range of media sizes.

It seamlessly supports 8.5″ X 14″ paper sizes, which is the most common burlap size available.

For inkjet printers, they’re usually slower when quality is greater. The ET-2760 differs from that trait and prints at considerably good speeds.

The ink bottles offer an extremely high yield volume of 7500 black pages! The faster speed does accompany more noise, however.


  • Classy and compact design; doesn’t take up too much space
  • MicroPiezo technology helps produce highly detailed textures
  • Compatible with a variety of sizes
  • Good printing speed for an inkjet printer
  • Ink bottles have a huge printing yield of 7500 black prints


  • The printing operation can be noisy at times

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer

If you mainly print on lighter burlap media, the HP 6978 might be the best choice for you.

ThisOfficeJet printer comes with a media compatibility range of 28lbs. bond weight, which corresponds to Burlap of smaller thickness and weight.

You won’t also be disappointed with the print quality.

The 6978 delivers outstanding colors and texture and prints at 600X1200 DPI, but as long as your ink cartridges are installed with microprocessors manufactured by HP!

Possessing a relatively smaller footprint, the color touchscreen makes it even better. The screen responds well to swipes and works smoothly.

If you print on Burlap regularly, you’ll need a fast-printing machine like the HP 6978. The printing rate of 20ppm will provide a good number of burlap printouts for you in under a minute.

HP also provides great connectivity options in this machine.

Even in the absence of Wi-Fi or USB connectivity, you can establish a Wi-Fi Direct connection with the printer and continue printing creative designs on your Burlap.

Additional functions, like scanning and faxing, can also be carried out in the HP 6978.

Similar to the HP 4155e, it’s also eligible for all the various expense-cutting offers from HP, helping you to save a fortune on ink costs.


  • Relatively better printing speed at 20ppm (black)
  • The color touchscreen is user-intuitive and has a swift performance
  • Can print in resolutions of 600X1200 DPI
  • Able to print even in the absence of Wi-Fi as well as USB connectivity
  • Has the ability to execute multiple other functions apart from printing


  • It isn’t compatible with third-party cartridges

5. Brother MFC-J6545DW All-in-One Printer

The Brother MFC-J6545DW will print the largest sizes of Burlap for you with its flexibility to such a large span of sizes.

It supports up to 11″ X 17″ dimensions of media, which lets it cover more area and thus more content than our previous 8.5″ X 14″ printers.

The MFC-J6545DW is by far our heaviest and largest printer on the list. It comes with a strong and sturdy build; you can fit it on your desk, but it will take up a good amount of space.

Brother ensures flawless printing on Burlap for you with the specialty media tray is provided. The tray comes with a capacity of around 100 sheets.

You can set your burlap sheets in a certain setting and orientation and won’t have to configure the printer every time you print.

Whether you print on Burlap for business purposes or as a hobby, printers with high printing speeds will always boost your work, like this Brother machine.

Like the HP 6978, this all-in-one printer also prints at a comparably faster rate for monochrome and color prints. In fact, it is the fastest printer on our list.

The MFC-J6545DW printer will save your ink costs in a unique method. Brother has manufactured the ink cartridges in a smart manner to cooperate with an internal tank connected inside as well.

These work with much more ink than usual and ensure that there are no ink wastages or smearing.


  • Can print on very large sizes like 11″ X17″
  • Has a specialty tray with a capacity of around 100 sheets
  • Prints rapidly for both monochrome and color prints; fastest in the list
  • The internal tank and well-manufactured cartridges reduce ink expenses


  • Large footprint; very heavy and takes up a large amount of space
  • Scanning and copying are not ideal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Print Burlap On A Printer?

Yes, you can print Burlap on a printer.

Burlap is usually printed on for stylish and aesthetic results, along with a common yet beloved country vibe. It adds a great touch to whatever text or graphical illustration you print on it.

Can You Print On Burlap With A Laser Printer?

Yes, you can print on Burlap with a laser printer.

But, you can’t put only the Burlap through the laser printer. You have to stick it to some stiff paper, preferably cardstock, and then pass it through a laser printer for the best results.

How Do You Imprint On Burlap?

  • Choose the text or drawing you want to print on the Burlap.
  • Decide on the size of Burlap you want; cut and adjust the size if you need to.
  • Make sure the burlap sheet is flat and not creased. Put it under any heavy item to totally flatten it out.
  • Stick your burlap sheet onto the shiny side of a freezer paper.
  • Apply pressure by putting them under heavy items to ensure that they’re correctly attached.
  • Place it correctly in the printer tray.
  • Execute the print command from your computer through Word or Image Viewer.

What Kind Of Printer Do I Need To Print On Fabric?

Inkjet printers are the most ideal for printing on fabric.
You can employ dot-matrix printers as well. Basically, impact printers will work best on fabric and better than non-impact printers.

Non-impact printers usually use heat transfer processes, which can eventually damage some fabric.

Can Cricut Print On Burlap?

Yes, Cricut can print on Burlap.

Screen printing on Burlap is a very popular DIY activity and is loved by many people worldwide. Usually, vinyl is used on Burlap.

How Do You Transfer An Image To Burlap?

  1. Firstly, print your chosen image on copy paper as a test. Then, check if the size and image content is okay.
  2. Once you’re satisfied, print the image in inkjet transfer paper.
  3. Depending on the brand of transfer paper you have, follow the instructions manual to cut off the sides of the image you won’t be needing. Then, only use the method recommended in the manual.
  4. Manage an iron and keep it on for a while till it’s medium-hot.
  5. In the meantime, prepare your burlap sheet and adjust its dimensions.
  6. Take the inkjet transfer paper where the image is printed and carefully place it on the burlap sheet, with the image side on the sheet.
  7. Move the iron over the transfer paper steadily for a while and only stop when you’ve ensured that the image is perfectly fused to the Burlap.
  8. Pull the transfer paper off, and you are done!


Deciding on the best printer for Burlap isn’t a piece of cake! A lot of factors come into play when you’re trying to choose a certain printer, and the fact that there are no printers focused on printing burlap, makes the task even more arduous.

Nevertheless, we’ve taken it on our shoulders to carry out our best research on all these varieties of printers, taking into account all sorts of attributes and reviews, to come up with our list of the most compatible printers that will print excellently on Burlap!

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